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Preventative maintenance saves you money.

Regular preventative maintenance helps save money by avoiding costly repairs. We offer yearly and seasonal maintenance to keep your home operating efficiently and prevent major problems.

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Yearly Home Maintenance

  • Emergency Shutoff Valves – You should know the location of all shut off valves in your home, including the shut off valves for the water supply to the whole house, toilet, sink, dishwasher, and gas shut off valves.

  • Electrical – Locate the electrical panel in your home and make sure the entire family knows how to flip circuits after an overload and turn off the main breaker in case of emergency. An electrician can upgrade the panel or wiring, if overloads happen frequently.

  • Heating Systems – Whether you have a gas fired or forced air central heating system, you should have a licensed HVAC technician inspect the electrical components, thermostat, controls, air flow, and other components to ensure the system is operating efficiently.

  • Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance – All wood burning stoves and fireplaces should be inspected every year and cleaned regularly to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other problems.

Seasonal Maintenance

  • Autumn/Fall – You should have your heating system serviced, vacuum baseboard heaters to get rid of dust, clean ducts of forced air systems, and cover the outside of window units to improve efficiency and ensure that it is working properly. In addition, you need to inspect the sump pump line, remove screens from casement windows, replace weather-stripping, clean the leaves from the roof and gutter system and test downspouts, check for obstructions in the chimney, inspect septic tank, drain outdoor hoses, and check the slope of the land to avoid water in the basement.

  • Winter – Proper winter maintenance will keep your home warm and safe during the cold winter months. You should drain and refill the hot water heater, replace air filters, clean humidifiers, vacuum bathroom fans and smoke detectors, check faucets, gauges, locks and lighting, clean drains in the dishwasher, and test plumbing shut off valves.

  • Spring – When the warmer weather arrives, there are several indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks that are needed. You may need to have your chimney cleaned and services, inspect the air conditioning system and replace filters, clean the humidifier, check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide protectors. For the exterior of your home, clean windows and screens, examine the foundation for cracks, check downspouts, and open valves to the outside hose connections.

  • Summer – Summer brings more outdoor home maintenance, including inspecting exterior wood and trim, removing plants that are in contact with the exterior, check the condition of the roof and chimney, inspect the chimney cap, repair walkways and driveways, and inspect steps for damage. In addition, you should monitor the humidity in the basement, check pipes for dripping or condensation, clean the carpets, vacuum the bathroom fan, disconnect the duct from the dryer and clean, check handrails, lubricate door hinges and garage door hardware, and replace caulking.